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“Decorative concrete turns craft into art  

…and it all begins with integral color”



Pick a color, its that easy…

Our recent partnership with a leading concrete pigment company makes our color concrete offering more vibrant and our service more responsive.  We now have in house storage and dispensing equipment that enables a wide range of color options with minimum lead time.

Three loads of “Bamboo” concrete for a decorative patio placement “No problem,  give dispatch a call and we can get it scheduled.”

New Rotary In Orleans Placed With “Bamboo” Color Concrete
Colored Concrete is Stamped and Awaits a Coat of Protective Sealant

Colors Available For Your Next Pour:

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Imagination is boundless…   CCRM’s integral color line provides a full range color palette for the growing decorative concrete market.   With architects and builders increasingly looking for ways to cost-effectively improve the appearance of buildings, homes, driveways, and patios, the applications for colored concrete continue to grow. And with the increasing use of textured and stamped finishes to create the appearance of natural materials like stone and brick, as well as the decorative patterns and attractive finishes used in today’s modern construction, integrally colored concrete is becoming an increasingly popular building material to add value and exciting new options to architectural designs.

Integral Color delivers greater flexibility, easier placement and proven durability.  For contractors who place colored concrete day in and day out, using dust-on color is less of an option as they find integrally colored concrete is paving the way to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete vs. Conventional Products

Decorative concrete has several advantages that are above and beyond conventional products (e.g. asphalt, paving stones, pressure treated wood, etc.) which include:

• Reduced maintenance costs


• Increased durability

• Reduced wear and tear (severe weather, insect damage, etc.)

• Easy to maintain

• Excellent colour conformity

• Fade resistant, long lasting vibrancy

• Wide of range of applications

Integral Color Benefits:

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  • Permanent & Non-Fading
  • Cost Effective
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic


Download Color Chart Brochure

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Helpful Tips for Success on the Job… 

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CCRM’s integral colors are available for your next pour. Call us at 508-255-4600 for assistance and access to our color kits with the complete line of physical colored concrete samples.