Quality Plan

Ready Mix Quality Control Program

QualityCommitment-3Active QC
We at Cape Cod Ready Mix have in place, a very active Quality Control Program. It begins with experienced associates and state of the art invoicing, mixture design, dispatch and batching systems. Together they aid in the production of a reliable, consistent product for our customers.

Client Involvement
Our program involves our clients from the very beginning with a knowledgeable sales force who make certain that all preliminary questions and concerns are adequately documented. All project and customer specific requests are then promptly reviewed by an experienced concrete manager who confers with dispatch, batch and QC personnel; thus ensuring that all aspects of a project are adequately understood.


Our mixture design process is computer aided utilizing SeaMix lll, material management and mixture design software by Contek Shilstone. This system enables the quality control manager to review mixture proportions, material grading, and many other variables while building a mixture to fit specific needs. This system also helps track mixture performance, consistency and cost so we can supply the best possible product to our customer.

A well organized, detailed oriented dispatch professional confirms all project and customer information, delivery date and time, mixture(s) requested, total yardage requested and all special delivery instructions. Our quality control manager works very closely with project management, third party inspection firms, CCRM dispatch, batch men and sales, to confirm that project expectations are being met upon delivery.

Continuous Testing
QualityCommitment-2Sampling at the production facility and onsite sampling is also common practice. Checks of materials are frequent, material moistures and grading is closely monitored. Our concreting materials are all purchased and we require regular aggregate grading reports and cementitious mill reports from all of our suppliers. Cement, aggregate and water scale calibration, admixture dispenser maintenance and agitating mixer truck maintenance are completed regularly. Yearly mandatory Mass. D.O.T. plant inspections and mixture certifications closely govern this portion of our program. We are approved by Mass. D.O.T. out of each of our service locations. We at Cape Cod ready mix verify that all ingredients utilized in the proposed mixture for your specific project are identical and from the same source as those used to obtain Mass D.O.T. certification for 2012.

Cape Cod Ready Mix is an active member the NRMCA and MACAPA and follows all production requirements implemented by ACI / ASTM and Mass D.O.T.