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Understanding customer requirements and consistently following through with a competitively priced quality product delivered on time is the foundation of our business.


With 4 location throughout Southeastern Massachusetts we deliver quality mix on time for jobs of any size

Mix Quality

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a wide range of quality mix designs that perform with consistency day in, day out across all of our service locations.

Concrete Mix Locations

 … not just the Cape!

4 Concrete Ready Mix Plants Serving
Plymouth, Bristol and Barnstable Counties

Recently Supplied Concrete

Featured Service
A Concrete Driveway by Cape Cod Ready Mix

Homeowners take great pride in the exterior of their home. The concrete driveway has become an essential part of a landscaping plan that imparts an inviting image. Options include:

  • Stamped, Stained, Stenciled or Textured
  • Permeable Concrete with Percrete technology that combines structural integrity with water flow capability

Your Driveway, ….Your Palate

Your driveway can be designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood.

Featured Clients

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Cape Cod Homebuilders Assoc.

Massachusetts Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association

Service is our Primary Goal

Understanding customer requirements and consistently following through with a competitively priced quality product delivered on time is the foundation of our business. From accessible sales and dispatch staff to trained batch operators and experienced drivers, every step in the process is important.

Cape Cod Ready Mix is equipped to handle any size job, commercial or residential, throughout Southeastern Massachusetts

Production Strength Throughout Southeastern Massachusetts

Cape Cod Ready Mix serves Plymouth, Bristol and Barnstable counties. Our equipment fleet consists of Front Discharge Mixers, Public Truck Scale and Computerized Batching.

We offer Ready Mixed Concrete, Flowable Fill, Perk-Crete Pervious Concrete, Fiber Reinforcing, Lightweight Concrete, Colored Concrete, Sand and Stone, Retaining Wall Blocks, Concrete Pumping, ABC Permitted, and we are MA Highway Certified.

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Residential, Commercial, Higher Education, Infrastructure, Transportation, & Parking

How many Yards of Ready Mix Concrete Do I need for my Concrete Delivery?

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How many Pre-Mix Concrete Bags
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Depth inches
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How many Pre-Mix Concrete Bags
40# Bags:
60# Bags:
80# Bags:
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Cubic Yards
How many Pre-Mix Concrete Bags
40# Bags:
60# Bags:
80# Bags:

Looking for Concrete Companies Near Me?

We serve the entire South Shore and Cape Cod! Whether you need help with a concrete delivery, a concrete driveway design, or environmentally friendly concrete fill options, we are here to help!

We offer the safest, quickest, and most cost-effective concrete pouring services using the industry’s highest quality concrete pumping equipment. This versatile service ensures that you get to carry out each pour securely and professionally. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Our team of experts provides you with the best concrete mix according to your needs. We offer expert advice and mixtures from various concrete types like low-density, lightweight, high grade, high strength, shrinkage compensating, fiber reinforcing, etc.

If you want your concrete pump to last, merely hosing it down won’t help. Our professional team can adequately do the job for you by carefully running water through the operator lines to accumulate the slurry and water in the reservoir.

This service involves hazardous and non-hazardous heel disposal, solid & sludge removal, drumming, and eliminating other difficult to handle materials. We use several cleaning agents to ensure the thorough removal of residue & deploy proper equipment and techniques to dispose of all waste properly.

Our professional service will make your retaining wall perfect by repairing and tearing older walls and additional features. We work with concrete blocks, stamps & colors, to suit your needs and match your landscape.

Pick a color, its that easy… Our recent partnership with a leading concrete pigment company makes our color concrete offering more vibrant and our service more responsive.

Decorative concrete turns craft into art …and it all begins with integral color

Cape Cod Ready Mix has provided Concrete for the Residential Market, creating foundations for well-crafted, quality homes of every size, shape, and configuration, set in areas subject to the extremes of Mother Nature’s winds and salt-water exposure.

Dry-Crete is ideal where high water table or deep excavation situations create high risk of water ingress through slabs and walls.


Our Technical Team works closely with contractors to identify the optimal, cost-effective mix design for each job. In addition, we assist in specification reviews, project trouble-shooting, and provide technical consulting to Structural Engineers and Architects.


Our commercial concrete can be found all over Southeastern Massachusetts. Schools, Malls, Libraries, Town offices and places of Worship are just a few examples of our commercial concrete work portfolio.

We provide ready mixed concrete that is freshly mixed in the plants instead of the construction site to ensure precision and reduce worksite hassle. We use flexible transportation methods & sophisticated equipment to fit the orders’ size.

We provide this quality of concrete that has emerged as a reliable structural material. The fiber helps improve the cohesion in fresh concrete, reduce shrinkage cracks, improve energy absorption, increase strength, and decrease hazardous spalling at increased temperatures.

We provide an economical option for construction that also saves your project time. These include pumice, foamed slag, expanded shales and clays, and sintered pulverized. Our expert team enables the construction of those that can’t use conventional concrete due to its extreme weight.

The versatile “liquid soil” which is placed as a flowable liquid, yet hardens and rapidly develops excellent load-bearing properties with no compaction necessary.

Concrete driveways have a dramatic effect on the first impression, value, and resale potential for a home. Concrete driveways outperform asphalt. With a smooth, bright surface and a service life measured in decades, concrete is the superior product.

We offer a selection of retaining wall blocks that match your landscape and give it an aesthetic look. We can also use these to raise the bed of flowers in your garden and for other softscape elements.

With years of development and product testing, we provide this “puddle proof” concrete to drive away stormwater back to groundwater for paved surfaces such as driveways. You need professionals to install this concrete. It is done according to the placement guidelines to not flow away from the drain.